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Certification Requirements

All campaigns must meet the following requirements to be eligible for certification.

These seven standards are developed and maintained by rank-and-file members of the Political Workers Guild.

As part of the certification process, you will be interviewed by members of the Guild.


Contracts for All.

All campaign workers must have contracts that account for the following certification requirements. The Political Workers Guild provides members with model contracts for both W2 and 1099 employees that fulfill these requirements.

Certification is subject to contract review by the Political Workers Guild.


PWG Certification Ribbon Graphic (1)_edi


Minimum Compensation.

To achieve certification and be recognized as a leader in labor standards and ethical employment, your campaign must uphold a minimum hourly wage of $24.50 to all staff, which translates to a minimum monthly compensation of $3,920 for a full-time, 40-hour workweek.


Time Off.

Every staff member receives one full, uninterrupted day off each week and an additional day of paid time off (PTO) every month, over and above their regular weekly days off.


Post-Election Pay.

Your campaign must include provisions in its budgets and contracts for one additional paycheck for each staff member, to be issued after the conclusion of the race.


Grievances and Labor Disputes.

Your commitment to ethical employment means agreeing to engage in meetings with Political Workers Guild to resolve any grievances or labor disputes that may arise.


Weekly Hours.

Your campaign must cap staff working hours at 70 per week. This limit is vital for safeguarding the mental and physical health of your staff and for the success of your campaign.


Uncompensated Internships.

Our certification strictly prohibits uncompensated internships. We maintain that uncompensated interns do not align with our labor values and commit to collaborating with campaign teams to identify viable, compensated alternatives.

Budget feeling tight?
All of the candidates we certified in 2022 won in the General Election.

Certify Your Campaign.

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